Saunders’ Case Moth

I saw this beauty attached to a tree in the front yard a few weeks ago, but it has always been sealed up inside the case.  Today this great looking Saunders’ Case Moth was spotted walking across the bricks in the back yard, case attached and looking for a good place to rest.


Scaling the wall to get off the ground, it attached it’s case to the bricks with a few strands of silk and tucked itself up for a afternoon nap.

I almost didn’t bother

Waiting at the meeting point before my river loop group ride, I was enjoying the beautiful sunrise and thinking how it would make a good photo. Not wanting to hold up the other riders, I didn’t bother to pull the phone out to take a picture, until everyone else pulled theirs out. I’m glad I did in the end!

Glasshouse Mountains

A reminder of Yorkshire for Cook, the Glass House Mountains are located in the traditional lands of the Jinibara and Kabi Kabi people.

This view of the mountains is well worth the 123m walk up Wild Horse Mountain to see.

Tawny frogmouth

(Podargus strigoides)

Not planning on photographing birds this particular evening, I had the macro lens on the camera. Turns out it was the perfect lens to have on when this Tawny frogmouth swooped past my head and landed just feet away in a nearby tree.

Native to Australia, this bird’s nocturnal habits and colouring often have it mistaken for a member of the owl family. It is, along with the Marbled frogmouth and the Papuan frogmouth, a genus in it’s own right.

Green tree python

A stunning python found in Indonesia, Florida U.S.A., Papua New Guinea and Australia (Queensland along the east coast of the Cape York Peninsula).

This one can be found relaxing at Queensland Museum in Brisbane.

Taken with an iPhone 6 plus and edited with Snapseed.

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